Naru Ninja heroes Fighting APK Free Download Version 1.0

Naru Ninja heroes Fighting APK Free Download Version 1.0

Description of Naru Ninja heroes Fighting

You’ve got a single attack button that youcaneasily string into a few different combos,
as well as a projectile attack button that you can bolsterwithdifferent types of shuriken found on the battlefield.
The jump button proves most versatile, allowing you toeasilydouble-jump, quickly dash toward your opponent,
and instantly teleport yourself between the two planes found ineachbattlefield.
Naru Ninja heroes Fighting is a one-on-one fighter that favorsspeedand simplicity over depth and precision,
and the controls feel comfortable on the game, though that’s nottosay there isn’t some nuance to it.
More often than not, though, the key to victory lies in yourchakraattacks,
which are fueled by chakra orbs dropped by your opponentwheneveryou finish a successful attack.
Once you’ve amassed enough chakra, you can activate it with asinglebutton press,
after which you have a few seconds to connect with yourenemy.
Succeed, and you’ll watch as a hyperstylized attacksequenceunfurls, usually taking a huge swath of your enemy’s lifebar withit.
Unlike its predecessors, there’s no interactivity onceyou’velaunched your chakra attack, which kind of takes you out oftheaction.
Furthermore, there’s only one chakra attack per character,whichmeans you’ll see the same protracted sequences over andoveragain.
There’s a grand total of around 20 characters to play as, andthoughyou might notice some differences in speed andattackstrength,
they all basically use the same controls.
While most of the combat basics should feel instantly familiartoestablished Naru Ninja heroes Fighting fans,
the big twist offered by Heroes is the introduction ofteam-basedaction, which is central to the heroes mode,
where you’ll fight against increasingly challengingopponents.
The mode is divided by difficulty level, with each levelconsistingof a set series of fights.
You can choose from an established three-person team ofcharacters,such as Team Kakashi,
Team Guy, Team Kurenai, and Team Asuma, or you can build yourowncustom team.
You also choose the order they’ll fight in, which doesn’treallymatter at first,
but since your team’s health and chakra levels carry over fromonefight to another, spreading the load becomes a factor.
Naru Ninja heroes Fighting Features:
Ultimate Ninja Kizuna Drive
Ultimate Shippuden Heroes Storm Impact
Akatsuki rising

App Information of Naru Ninja heroes Fighting

App Name Naru Ninja heroes Fighting
Package Name com.narutoultimateninja.heroesfightingimpact
Version 1.0
Rating 4.3 ( 221 )
Size 229.9 MB
Requirement Android 4.0.3 and up
Updated 2017-12-28
Installs 1,000 - 5,000
Category Action, Games

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